Press Releases

A woman receives a yellow bag of food as a part of UMCOR's Covid-19 response. She, and others around her, are wearing masks. Those delivering food stand in truck beds.
UMCOR grants make global impact on response to COVID-19 pandemic
Sheltering in Love grant campaign receives nearly $2 million in donations; expedited grant awards given to nonprofits in 43 countries and 43 states.
Korean hospital ships 10,000 face masks for distribution to former missionaries
Severance Hospital in Seoul ships 10,000 face masks to Global Ministries for distribution to former missionaries to help in fight against COVID-19.
Virtual orientation offered for Mission Volunteer program
Over concerns related to COVID-19, a September 3-4 training will be held online.
General Secretaries Table: Statement on Racism
The General Secretaries write to express anger, pain and determination to make change in their spheres of influence and to support the church in the urgent and ongoing work to eliminate racism.
Standing against racial injustice: Global Ministries offers grants through the United Methodist Voluntary Services program
Global Ministries is offering grants to annual conferences to stand in solidarity with those who are voicing their opposition to racial injustice, as well as stand in the gap for communities that have been adversely affected by acts such as rioting and looting.
Virtual orientation offered for Mission Volunteer program
Interested in learning more about the MIssion Volunteer program or discerning future long-term service? Register for the September
UMCOR expands efforts against the coronavirus; launches giving campaign and COVID-19 Response Fund
Through the COVID-19 Response Fund, UMCOR plans to release grants to equip partners who assist vulnerable populations in the U.S. and around the world impacted by COVID-19.
Global Ministries and The Upper Room announce restructure of Buenos Aires regional office
Nearing the end of a three-year pilot plan, both agencies will make adjustments in their operations while remaining committed to continuing their presence in the region.
Global Ministries’ End of Year Campaign Highlights Giving Love, Joy, Hope and Peace
Global Ministries, the worldwide mission and development agency of The United Methodist Church, invites members to give love, joy, hope and peace through their year-end giving campaign.
Sacred Native American Lands to be Returned to Wyandotte Nation by United Methodists
Seeking to return sacred lands they have held in trust for 176 years, leaders of The United Methodist Church and the Wyandotte Nation will hold a ceremony this September during which lands held by the agency will be formally returned to the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma.