Flood relief in Mitwaba, North Katanga, DRC. UMCOR partnered with the Disaster Management Office of the North Katanga Episcopal Area to provide relief for 990 people affected by flooding. Relief packages consisted of flour, beans, cooking oil, salt, pots, buckets and spoons. (Credit: NORTH KATANGA DISASTER MANAGEMENT OFFICE)

International Disaster Response

When a natural or human-caused disaster strikes outside of the United States, the United Methodist Committee of Relief International Disaster Response program (UMCOR IDR) serves as the primary channel for United Methodist assistance. Response includes support for displaced people as well as refugees fleeing disasters in the form of food, water, hygiene and other essential nonfood supplies and temporary shelter. Long-term, UMCOR cooperates with church leaders and local organizations to develop response mechanisms and to support local relief and recovery efforts.

UMCOR focuses on disasters that overwhelm a local community’s ability to respond, such as storms and flooding, fires, volcanoes, war and civil unrest.

Partners working with UMCOR select beneficiaries based on need and vulnerability as opposed to any other category (such as gender, race or religion).

Building global capacity

Among United Methodist communities in Africa and the Philippines, UMCOR resources Disaster Management Offices (DMOs) and accompanies, trains and equips other Methodist and faith-based partners. These efforts strengthen churches to carry out disaster response, recovery and risk mitigation activities in their own communities.

Typical emergency response efforts include the distribution of food, hygiene supplies and facilities, nonfood items, psychosocial support and shelter. Once the immediate danger has passed, higher-level recovery activities may include projects to increase livelihoods, food security, education and other areas of recovery.

Mitigation activities encompass community-based contingency planning in which community members utilize their experience and local expertise to adapt and prepare for future disasters. This work includes infrastructure and physical adaptations that may help prevent and decrease the severity of disasters.

Current response 

UMCOR and its partners are responding to disasters around the world every day. 

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Responding to drought and famine in the Horn of Africa

More than 18 million people face severe hunger in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya as they struggle to survive the worst drought in 40 years. UMCOR is responding to this unfolding crisis.

Recovery from Hurricane Dorian continues in the Bahamas

As the 2022 hurricane season begins to churn, UMCOR continues work with partners in the Bahamas to aid the recovery of families affected by Hurricane Dorian in 2019, marking its three-year anniversary.

UMCOR works with partners to relieve distress inside Ukraine

In addition to supporting refugees from Ukraine seeking safety in neighboring countries, the generosity of thousands of United Methodists has made it possible for UMCOR to support relief work inside Ukraine, working alongside European United Methodists, Ukrainian Methodists, ecumenical relief operations and interfaith humanitarian missions.