World Communion Scholars follow their hearts
Three scholars share how the World Communion Sunday offering gave them the gift of education, transforming their lives and the lives of others in their communities.
Consultation reexamines principles of missionary service
On Aug. 1-3 in Atlanta, Global Ministries convened a group of missionaries, mission staff, board members and ecumenical partners to reexamine and renew its practices of missionary sending.
Help me to love with your love
The Rev. Eunha “Grace” Kim Choi from Korea has served as a missionary since 2001, with 18 years in the Philippines as a Global Missionary and five years in Atlanta, Georgia, as a Missionary in Residence.
UMCOR aids flood-ravaged Nigeria opens a new window
1,500 households affected by severe flooding in 2022 receive food and other supplies.
The McCormicks: Life as a missionary family
In a video, the family of four shares about serving as United Methodist missionaries from Mozambique to Arkansas.
United Methodist health care in Mozambique upholds tradition and expertise
Global Health unit staff visited health facilities to view improvements and discuss challenges in an area of the country hard-hit by cyclones in recent years.
Cyclone Freddy aid reaches Madagascar
Funds from UMCOR provided food for more than 150 families affected by the deadly storm.
Blessing of the calima
The Rev. Dr. Krista Givens, a missionary in Torrevieja, Spain, reflects on a weather phenomenon that reminds her of the people of the Sahara Desert and the fact that God has a way of connecting us all across the earth.
A missionary’s transformation through 23 years of mission service
When missionaries are commissioned, they have useful gifts, skills and mindsets to help then serve. But as they continue to serve a community, God transforms them in ways they could not have imagined. The Rev. Jaehyoung Choi describes his mission journey and the transformations he’s undergone with God’s help.
Hope rooted in justice and peace
Missionary Joy Eva Bohol advocates for increased voice and vote in church and society for youth and young adults around the world, and particularly for Indigenous youth who walk a fine line between cultural traditions and professional aspirations.
Reinvestment in Yambasu Initiative projects leads to growth
Reinvestment, a key component and goal in Yambasu Agriculture Initiative projects, is yielding fruits leading to growth and expansion across Africa.
“Zero malaria” theme of World Malaria Day is the goal for UMC health work
Through various campaigns and long-term work in rural communities, United Methodist health practitioners in Africa have been working toward the goal of reducing malaria deaths and spreading affordable treatment options, information and prevention strategies across the communities most affected by the disease.