As the international United Methodist mission organization, the General Board of Global Ministries carries within it the mission legacies of eight earlier denominations. The Methodist movement stretches back to the Rev. John Wesley (1703-1791), an English pastor, theologian and evangelist. Methodism first started as a revival movement within the Anglican Church of England, a church that Wesley never left.

The Methodist Episcopal Church: 1784-1939

First denominational mission society: 1819

First home: New York City: 1820

First missionary: 1833

Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society: 1869

The Methodist Protestant Church: 1830-1939

The Methodist Episcopal Church, South: 1844-1939

The Methodist Church: 1939-1968

The Church of the United Brethren in Christ: 1800-1946

The Evangelical Association and United Evangelical Church: 1803-1922

The Evangelical Church: 1922-1946

Evangelical United Brethren Church: 1946-1968

The United Methodist Church: 1968-to present

Moving to Atlanta, Georgia: 2016

Bicentennial Celebration: 2019

Roland Fernandes, General Secretary: 2020-