June 8, 2020 | ATLANTA

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Sara Logeman, Content Strategist

Many cities around the country have hosted protestors in response to the death of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and too many others to name. Some cities have also been adversely affected by negative acts such as riots and looting.

In response, Global Ministries is offering grants to United Methodist annual conferences to stand in solidarity with those who are voicing their opposition to racial injustice, as well as stand in the gap for communities that have been adversely affected by the demonstrations. The United Methodist Voluntary Services solidarity grants, funded by the Human Relations Day Offering, can be used to provide resources for peaceful demonstrations. UMVS solidarity grants can also be used for food, access to medication and rebuilding efforts for communities impacted by negative acts.

Thomas Kemper, general secretary of Global Ministries, notes that “Racism is not new, nor is outrage in response to it. Yet, each ugly incident causes raw emotion—rage, fear, anxiety, guilt—to be deeply felt and expressed. Global Ministries supports those engaged in protest in response to heartlessness and racism.”

The United Methodist Voluntary Services program seeks to be in relationship with community groups and organizations that work with “the least of these.” It addresses unjust political, social and economic systems that continue to drain the energy and resources of the poor, always aware that local struggles are also global struggles.

“The African American community is currently navigating through two pandemics: the COVID-19 pandemic and the pandemic of continual racial and systematic injustices,” said Dr. Dana Lyles, director of U.S. Office on Multi-Cultural Ministries. “The United Methodist Voluntary Services program has a long history of providing financial support to organizations and congregations fighting economic, racial and social injustices. It is only right that Global Ministries stand in solidarity with a collective community that is hurting right now.”

For information about solidarity grants through the United Methodist Voluntary Services program, please contact Dana Lyles,


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