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UMCOR U.S. Latest Responses

UMCOR and its partners are responding to disasters across the globe every day. Please join us in prayer for the affected areas and consider giving to UMCOR U.S. Disaster Response to support these efforts.

UMCOR will provide further updates as they become available. For the most up to date information, follow the UMCOR Facebook page.


Winter storms and tornadoes 

Late December 2023 through January 2024, several states in the Southeastern U.S. experienced severe storms with tornadoes that left paths of destruction through specific regions. Alabama-West Florida, Western North Carolina and South Carolina conference Disaster Response ministries received grants to provide immediate support to people affected by the storms. 

Tornado recovery in Oklahoma

Following the April 19 spate of 18 tornadoes and severe hail storms, the Oklahoma Conference assessed state and local recovery operations and discovered two small communities in McClain and Cleveland counties that have not received attention and need resources for recovery. A large grant in March 2024 will support their efforts to join with other response agencies in a long-term recovery group operating in the counties, while concentrating on the two communities they’ve identified.

Flood and tornado recovery in Missouri

From July 2022 to April 2023, areas of the Missouri Conference experienced four significant weather events that included severe flooding and tornado destruction. An UMCOR grant in March 2024 will support the Missouri Conference as it focuses efforts to help 30 households in the Baring area, whose residents sustained significant damage to their homes and have not found the resources for repairs or reconstruction.

Flood and tornado recovery in North Georgia

In March 2024, the North Georgia Conference received an UMCOR grant to continue recovery operations in Spaulding, Henry and Troupe counties begun in July 2023, when a large a grant supported the conference’s initial operations for case management, housing construction and volunteer projects. Six counties experienced severe flooding and tornado damage from January and March 2023 storms.


Tornadoes in Tennessee

On Dec. 9, severe storms and tornados swept through middle Tennessee, killing six people and leaving dozens hospitalized.  The storm impacted at least 15 counties, destroying homes and causing extensive damage. UMCOR awarded an emergency grant to the Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference to aid initial relief efforts.

Gun violence in Maine

Typhoon Merbok in Alaska

Flooding in Eastern Kentucky

Wildfire responses in New Mexico, Hawaii and Spokane, Washington

Super Typhoon Mawar in Guam

Windstorm recovery support in Texas

Severe flooding in Chinle, Arizona

Tornado in Mississippi and other parts of the southeast

Flooding and landslides in California


Blizzard in Buffalo and Western New York

Over the Christmas weekend, Western New York experienced a devastating blizzard. This tragic storm buried the city of Buffalo in over 50 inches of snow and was accompanied by a –30-degree wind chill and 80 mph winds. The disaster took at least 39 lives.

UMCOR awarded a solidarity grant to the Upper New York Conference to support a coordinated response for survivors, including relief supplies. Funds were used to replenish food pantries and support other emergency services.

Severe weather and tornadoes in Alabama

Hurricane Nicole

Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico

Flooding in Georgia

Flooding in Mississippi

Flooding in Kentucky

Severe weather and tornadoes in Wisconsin, Michigan, Oklahoma and South Carolina

Wildfires in New Mexico

Tornadoes in Florida

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Past Response

Wildfire in Colorado (2021)

On December 30, a fire rapidly spread through Boulder County, Colorado, that consumed over 6,000 acres and close to 1,000 homes. UMCOR awarded an emergency grant to the Mountain Sky Conference to assist with immediate needs of evacuees and other survivors of the Marshall Fire. UMCOR followed with a recovery grant in 2022 to provide direct assistance and case management services to households affected by the fire.

Tornadoes across the United States (2021)

Hurricane Ida (2021)

Flooding in Michigan (2021)

Hurricane Sally and Zeta (2020)

In response to the storms that hit the U.S. Gulf Coast in September, UMCOR awarded a grant to the Alabama-West Florida Conference to provide emergency needs in evacuee support, relief supplies and materials distribution. To support long-term recovery, UMCOR awarded two substantial grants to help fund repair and reconstruction of damaged households as well as case management. The Mississippi Conference received a recovery grant for assistance in getting homes dry to eliminate extended damage.

Hurricane Laura (2020)

Wildfires in the West (2020)

Wildfires in California (2017-18)

UMCOR supported the California-Pacific and California-Nevada Conferences as they responded to the needs of those affected by the devastating wildfires of 2017 and 2018. Grants were awarded totaling over $1.5 million for response and recovery ministries.

Hurricane Florence (2018)

Tropical Storm Fred (2017)

Hurricane Maria (2017)

Hurricane Harvey (2017)

Hurricane Irma (2017)

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