Patient care at Mary Johnston Hospital in the Philippines. (Photo: Paul Jeffrey)

Health Systems Strengthening

In collaboration with United Methodist health boards and ecumenical partners, Global Ministries facilitates and strengthens the life-saving work of health systems around the world.

Increasing the sustainability of hospitals, health centers, clinics and health posts and ensuring delivery of essential services in places where there are gaps in access and quality of health care are current avenues for continuing medical work and health care, an important Methodist mission tradition.

Global Ministries supports health services and infrastructure; medicines and technologies; training of health professionals; and clean water, sanitation and hygiene.

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Responding to food insecurity on college campuses

Funds from Human Relations Day offerings supply grants to UMC-related colleges and universities to address access to food and hygiene products on campus.

United Methodist health care in Mozambique upholds tradition and expertise

Global Health unit staff visited health facilities to view improvements and discuss challenges in an area of the country hard-hit by cyclones in recent years.

Stopping the spread of cholera in North Katanga

Global Health partners with the North Katanga UMC for a cholera campaign that provides more treatment options and prevention measures, but also aims to change the understanding of entire communities about water safety and sanitation to stop the disease in its tracks.