Training, commissioning, assigning and supporting missionaries in the United States and around the world have been at the heart of mission since the founding of the first denominational Methodist missionary society in 1819. 

Today, United Methodist missionaries serve in about 60 different countries in many types of professional careers, including as pastors, evangelists and church coordinators; teachers and educators; doctors, nurses and other health workers; agriculturists; development specialists; community organizers and peacebuilders.

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ARK staff meet over lunch. PHOTO: PATRICK BOOTH
Global Missionaries

Deepen relationships with partners and commitment to God’s mission in long-term, cross-cultural contexts.

Katie Peterson, Church and Community Worker at Eastbrook Mission Barn in New Castle, Pennsylvania, puts her construction skills to work.
U.S. Missionaries

Bridge church and community in mission within disenfranchised communities in the United States.

global missions fellows class
Young Adults

Connect faith and action by engaging in community and growing in social and personal holiness through service around the world.

Volunteers of the Teresina Methodist Church in Brazil conduct a weekly program with children from Jerusalem. Photo: Project New Jerusalem.
Mission Volunteers

Engage in short-to-mid-term partnerships with communities around the world, striving to embody mutuality in mission. 

Discerning your call to mission

Through Global Ministries, individuals, couples and families of all ages and from all regions of the world have responded to join in God’s mission as missionaries. 

Learn about the joys and challenges of missionaries serving around the world each month through episodes of #stillinmission
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Teaching from the Heart

A. Broncano believes that even in places where Christians have major challenges being accepted, the benefits of loving, caring Christian communities prevail.

Leaving country and kindred to follow Jesus

Global Mission Fellow Carlito Alberto incorporates much of what he learned at the Quéssua mission in Angola into his work placement in Cameroon.

Christ: the guiding star in Bennettsville

Arabia Sweet, a Church and Community Worker in South Carolina, describes the many ways she sees Christ at work in Bennettsville, South Carolina.

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