March 2, 2022 | ATLANTA

Ardell Graner, a recently retired United Methodist missionary who served for more than 30 years in the Dominican Republic and Bolivia, has compiled a Lenten resource for 2022 called “Mission Experiences of Compassion, Challenge and Hope: Living compassionate lives in our search to know God as we journey to the cross.”

The series contains 47 devotions, each of which opens with a piece of Scripture, reflects on the passage in connection with a unique mission experience and closes with a “mission action for today.” The contributors include fellow missionaries, family members, friends, clergy and lay persons, all of whom have shared their lives in service with others.

“Lent is a time of penitence and soul searching, following Jesus to the cross and on to his crucifixion and resurrection. It is a time to take refuge from the world ’s distractions in order to connect with the deeper resonance of God,” says Graner. “We share our testimonies to encourage all to follow the path and passion that we see in Jesus. All of life is changing, the world and the church are changing. And God is moving. We long to walk with God and God’s people, in the midst of these changes.”

In addition to reflections offered by Graner and her family members, the following active global missionaries and volunteers in mission share reflections: Cynthia Weems, Belinda Forbes, Katherine Parker, Grace and Jay Choi, Nan McCurdy, Larry Kies, Sara Flores and Luis Cardoso. Conference Secretary of Global Ministries Karen Distefano and Board of Director Molly McIntire also share reflections.

View and download the resource here.