Global Ministries/UMCOR wholeheartedly endorses the Immigration Law & Justice (ILJ) Network’s statement expressing serious concerns about the recent expansion of the Title 42 public health order regarding immigration. The latest measures further dismantle our asylum system, which is already virtually non-existent for migrants needing refuge.  

The ILJ Network (formerly called National Justice for our Neighbors) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Ministries/UMCOR and grew out of UMCOR’s long commitment to refugees and immigrants. UMCOR has been instrumental in supporting a multi-year effort to make resettlement services and legal assistance available to U.S. asylum seekers in a systematic fashion as a pilot with the ILJ Network and  Church World Service (CWS).  UMCOR also works with several United Methodist-related transitional shelters on the U.S.- Mexico border. You can read the ILJ statement here.