Worship resources for Earth Day

Your church is invited to celebrate Earth Day with resources from Global Ministries. 

Earth Day is April 22; churches typically observe Earth Day Sunday during the month of April. It is an opportunity to reflect on the goodness of God’s creation and the human responsibility to steward it through worship, education and action.

Resources include:

Scripture reading of Luke 24:36b-48. Roland Fernandes, general secretary, Global Ministries

Download video with Subtitles: https://vimeo.com/531427790

Download video without Subtitles:  https://vimeo.com/531428021

Global Ministries Earth Day 2021 – Scripture Text PDF

Your Kin-dom on Earth – An Earth Day Litany. Grace Choi, Jae Choi, Didier Monga and Trisha Manns, missionaries, Global Ministries

Download video with Subtitles: https://vimeo.com/530877251

Download video without Subtitles: https://vimeo.com/530877367

Global Ministries Earth Day 2021 – Litany PDF

Somewhere Better Than Here – An Earth Day Sermon. Rev. Jenny Phillips, senior technical advisor for environmental sustainability, Global Ministries

Download video with Subtitles: https://vimeo.com/530877583

Download video without Subtitles: https://vimeo.com/530877713 

Global Ministries Earth Day 2021 – Sermon Transcript PDF

Additional Earth Day resources for United Methodists are available through Creation Justice Ministries.

To connect with other United Methodists engaged in environmental ministries, join the Global Ministries Creation Care Network.

To get help developing an environmental project in your community, apply for the May 2021 Global Ministries EarthKeepers Training.