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Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters


How does The United Methodist Church witness to the one gospel of Jesus Christ within 130 contextually unique countries worldwide?

The Worldwide Regionalization Plan proposes the creation of nine regional conferences — 4 in Africa, 3 in Europe, 1 in the Philippines and 1 in the U.S. — all possessing the ability to pass legislation that is missionally appropriate and effective in their own regions in addition to adapting the Book of Discipline.

The package of eight petitions submitted by the Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters was approved by the General Conference, April 23-May 3, 2024. The petition containing Constitutional Amendments must now be ratified by annual conferences across the connection over the next several months. To aid in this process, the Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters is partnering with the Council of Bishops, Connectional Table and members of the Christmas Covenant to provide resources to educate annual conference members around what Worldwide Regionalization does and does not do.

The Standing Committee is also tasked with developing a truly global Book of Discipline, called the General Book of Discipline. Feedback on the draft is welcome through 2024. See details below.


General Conference delegations have committed to providing a way for leaders in each annual conference to provide feedback to the Standing Committee regarding the current draft. Contact your conference secretary or delegation chair to find out how you can participate.

As you reflect on the current draft, use these questions as a guide:

What in the first five parts of the General Book of Discipline should only be adapted by the General Conference, therefore, be non-adaptable by all regions of The United Methodist Church? (Like the Constitution, Our Theological Task, etc.) What do you believe should be able to be adapted by Regional Conferences within the first five parts?

Pay particular attention to Part 6 on General Organization and Administration. Are there parts that could be adaptable which are currently included in the non-adaptable section? Is there anything missing which is important for our connection? Are there inaccuracies in what is written in the draft?

Feedback from annual conferences around the world will be received and actively reviewed for potential adaptations to the current draft by December 31, 2024.

If you have questions, contact the Rev. Dee Stickley-Miner, secretary for the Standing Committee, and George Howard, Global Ministries’ staff support for the Standing Committee, at standingcommittee@umcmission.org.

Watch the report on regionalization from members of the Standing Committee at General Conference in English, French, or Portuguese.





Take a look at the resources below on Worldwide Regionalization, offered in multiple languages. Visit this page regularly to find new information.

Statement from Council of Bishops:

Petitions passed at General Conference:

ADCA Vol 3, #21039, page 1283 and DCA page 1994 for amendments

ADCA Vol 3, #21040, page 1303

ADCA Vol 3, #21041, page 1579

ADCA Vol 3, #21042, page 1362

ADCA Vol 3, #21043, page 1299

ADCA Vol 3, #21044, page 1362

ADCA Vol 3, #21045, page 1363

ADCA Vol 3, #21046, page 1364

Summary of General Conference decisions:

Summary for current Central Conferences:

Report on regionalization and the General Book of Discipline from the Standing Committee at General Conference:

Resources on the General Book of Discipline

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