Sandy, Dennis Daniel Maada

Country: Uganda
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Serving At: East Africa Episcopal Area
Home Country: Sierra Leone

Dennis Daniel Maada Sandy is a missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church. 

A lay member of Baughman United Methodist Church in Freetown, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and finance at the University of Sierra Leone. He is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), as well as a Fellow and a Master Financial Modeling Specialist™ with the Global Academy of Finance and Management.

He has worked extensively in the mining sector, both in Sierra Leone and Australia. He also served as lecturer at the United Methodist University in Sierra Leone.

He is a devoted husband and father with two young children.

As a Global Ministries missionary, he will serve as the financial officer for the East Africa Episcopal Area.

“My faith journey,” Sandy said, “has been a tapestry woven with threads of family influence, personal exploration and community engagement. Raised in a home where spiritual values were paramount, my formative years were shaped by lessons of love, compassion and communal interconnectedness.”

As he grappled with existential questions, Sandy explored his faith. 

“College became a crucible for diverse perspectives, challenging and enriching my understanding of spirituality,” he said. “During this time, I found resonance with the inclusive and justice-oriented ethos of The United Methodist Church.”

Through mission trips and volunteer work, Sandy gained firsthand experiences of faith in action. “Witnessing the tangible impact of collective efforts to build communities and uplift the vulnerable,” he said, “reinforced my commitment to a faith-driven life.

“Today, my faith stands as a testament to growth, inclusivity and a resolute belief in the transformative power of service. The narrative continues to unfold, with each chapter reinforcing my connection to God, a dedication to justice and an unwavering conviction in the ability of faith to inspire positive change.”

He is excited about the next steps in his religious and professional development.