Kebbie, Henry James

Country: Zambia
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Serving At: Pilgrim Wesleyan Church
Home Country: Sierra Leone

Henry James Kebbie is an international Global Mission Fellow with the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries, engaged in a two-year term of service.  

The Global Mission Fellows program takes young adults ages 20-30 out of their home environments and places them in new contexts for mission experience and service. The program has a strong emphasis on faith and justice. Global Mission Fellows become active parts of their new local communities. They connect the church in mission across cultural and geographical boundaries. They grow in personal and social holiness and become strong young leaders working to build just communities in a peaceful world. 

Henry is a member of Trebes Memorial United Methodist Church, Messima, Bo City, related to the Sierra Leone Annual Conference. He volunteers at the church, sings in the choir and is part of the young adult organization. 

He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in social work at Njala University, Freetown. He was a family empowerment advocacy coordinator at the Child Reintegration Center and a presiding officer for the National Electoral Commission, both in Bo City.  

As a Christian social worker, Henry strives to encourage others. Because he has witnessed how Global Mission Fellows changes the lives of participants and the communities they serve, he is excited about joining the program. 

“They are more self-confident,” Henry observed. “Consequently, they know how to react in difficult situations. They work hard to solve problems. They proactively look for new solutions to eliminate challenges and achieve goals. They don’t wait for feedback, and they often evaluate their own work.” 

Henry also admires how Global Mission Fellows seem to understand the program’s vision and objectives. “They are open to change and prompt to [adapt] an agile way of working,” he said. “As good ambassadors, they are eager to coach new applicants. 

Henry continued, “Global Mission Fellows will enhance me to be helpful to society in the future.”