Mutambara Mission Hospital

Country: Zimbabwe
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Project Information

Providing comprehensive health care to over 140, 000 people

Describe the need affecting community

Mutambara Mission Hospital is a 120 bed facility located in the Chimanimani District of Eastern Zimbabwe. It serves a population of over 140, 000 people with 2 doctors. The hospital offers comprehensive health programs that includes preventive, curative, rehabilitative, as well as nurse education. The hospital runs several success programs for expectant mothers and people with HIV/AIDS. Women with complicated pregnancies are strongly encouraged to spend the final two weeks before delivery at Mutambara. Doctors and nurses must be ready to care for medical and surgical illnesses, labor and delivery. Because there are no other hospitals in the district, Mutambara Mission Hospital has been named the designated district hospital for Chimanimani.

How will this Advance project help to address the need?

The hospital will produce adequate medicines, rehabilitate existing infrastructure. Provide the necessary equipment to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality. Improve the facility and nursing staff living condition, provide financial support to the facility to offset free or subsidized medical care, increase the quality of care through procurement of diagnostic equipment and medicines. The project will provide safe water to the facility and good sanitation to the patients and staff. The construction of the administration block will enhance the working conditions of staff and allow smooth running of the hospital activities. Provision of financial support to staff will assist in retaining health professionals at the institution. The construction of a new hospital mortuary will go a long way as it will alleviate the problem of putting bodies on the floor thus providing a descent resting area for the dead. Staff accommodation will be constructed so as to provide descent accommodation for the staff and attract more professionals to the institution. Rehabilitation of the existing plumbing system and construction of staff toilets will assist in maintaining sanitation in the hospital. The existing hospital is now old and needs painting and retiling of walls and floors. The extension of the Family and Child Health department, rehabilitation department and laboratory will assist in the provision of quality care to patients. The roofing of the existing water tanks will provide shelter so as to prevent damage to the tanks. Monthly procurement of medicines is greatly called for as it will assist in the treatment of patients in the hospital. This will alleviate the issue of patients going to buy medicines on their own from Mutare, a town which is 95 kilometers away from the health center.

Describe the primary goal of the project

The primary goal of the project is to ensure that all surgical, medical sundries are readily available at the institution so as to provide quality care to the community. The infrastructure of the hospital will be maintained so as to maintain good health standards of the community. The health of the community will also be maintained thus reducing morbidity and mortality. Health professionals will be retained at the institution to provide quality services to the community. Medicines will be readily available which will create trust from the community.

Describe the change you would like to see in the community as a result of this Advance project

We expect reduced morbidity and mortality rate in the maternal and child health. We also expect a rejuvenated health community. Disease epidemics will be reduced in the community. Patients will come in for services as they will be available medicines and staff. Health professionals will continue to provide services at the institution. The institution will gain itself a good name because of quality care.

Contact Information

Global Ministries Contact
Hannah Mafunda
Health Board Coordinator