Faculty and Staff Development, Southern Philippines Methodist Colleges, Inc (SPCI)

Country: Philippines
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Project Information

Providing training for faculty and staff at SPMCI.

Describe the need affecting community

Philippines has more than 100 million population, and the Methodist is the oldest protestant denomination in the country. However, the total number of professional members of the UMC is only 217,000. The number of church workers is fewer than the number of local churches in some areas, which some of the pastors handle 2-3 local churches, or what we call circuit local churches. The retiring pastors are even more than the graduating student-pastors who are studying AB Theology or taking a seminary degree. The ministry of the whole church is affected because there are few interested young people to join the ministry. Besides, the education in the Philippines is very expensive for families living within and under the poverty line, which comprise 70% of the Philippine population. Poverty result to more crimes; lack of education result to less opportunities and because the church sometimes fail to bridge connections to the wider community, problems involving the youth becomes common.

How will this Advance project help to address the need?

Healthy mothers produces healthy children. The school is called Alma Mater or Mother of the Soul. Its role is very crucial in the formation of a young people attitude and behavior. If the Faculty and staff are satisfied and empowered, normally they produce satisfied and empowered learners. If the well-being of the personnel is given priority the working environment is happy, and healthy.

Describe the primary goal of the project

The SPMCI will be able to serve best the community. The faculty and staff are the main agents to make the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the institution come into reality. If they are better equipped to do this, then it would be easier for them to impart the same to the students, and the stakeholders of the the school. An empowered, SPMCI will influence its partner: the church and the schools. (The courses offered at SPMCI are AB Theology for the would be pastor; BECE-CE for would be deaconesses and home missioners; and BEEd for would be teachers.) Together they will empower the community and the transform the world by God’s grace.

Describe the change you would like to see in the community as a result of this Advance project

The United Methodist Church in the Davao Episcopal Area will have enough number of pastors, deaconesses and home missioners and the quality of the church workers will be upgraded because of the regular and intentional development program with them in partnership with SPMCI. For the education sector, there will be equipped early childhood education teachers in the private, and public schools. SPMCI is the pioneer school which offers Early Childhood Education in the Region, and it is the only college which offers 21 units professional education subjects in Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.

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