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Country: Liberia
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Constructing a new hospital, improving existing facilities and providing health education

Describe the need affecting community

Sustainability strategies for 2016: 1. Establish viable Drug Revolving Fund Scheme in all of the active LAC/UMC health facilities. 2. Establish and or upgrade the laboratory setup in all of the active LAC/UMC health facilities. 3. Upgrade the technical capacity of all of our facilities heads. 4. Recruit midwives in all of the health facilities, to improve on the Maternal and Child Health activities. 5. Improve on the administrative management structure in the health facilities. 6. Improve the facelift of all five LAC/UMC health facilities. 7. Improve on the financial management in all of the active LAC/UMC health facilities.

How will this Advance project help to address the need?

1. Imagine No Malaria (INM) Project, this grant is awarded to Annual conference (Health Department), on an annual basis. In other to have a real felt impact on our LAC/UMC, the 2015 INM request for Liberia to only consider Ganta Hospital with the understanding that the subsequent grant will consider other health facilities. The amount of 179,000USD was awarded to Ganta Hospital. One Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD Pick-up was purchased by Ganta Hospital from this grant for Ganta Hospital. 2. Health Strengthening Support (HSS) Project: Health Strengthening Support is a grant from Global Health is for the revitalization of health facility. A project proposal was submitted in favor of the four UMC Health facilities (Diecke, Weala, Camphor Mission, and John Dean Clinics). The amount approved for this grant is $99,955USD. The HSS grant cover painting, changing of damaged ceiling and roofing sheets, construction of water towel with poly tank, improvement of the plumbing fixtures,and water system. The provision of one motorbike to enhance immunization and other outreach activities. This project started in November 2015. 3. Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Project, this project is a pilot project which will last for two years, and is intended to build the capacity of two of our five health facilities with very minimum capacity. It considered Camphor Mission and John Dean Town Clinic. The LAC/UMC Department we were selected by GHU in Africa to pilot this project in two of its health facilities with minimum capacity. The amount approved for this grant is $89,815USD. The grant will cover the purchase of essential MCH Drugs, medical supplies, lap-top computers, generators, training of health volunteers, salary support for one Midwife, and one data person. Emphasis of this project will be on immunization and other outreach activities including disease surveillance. This project started the 1st of November 2015. 4. Re-engaged and strengthened local and external partners. 5. Secured scholarship opportuity for Rebecca Seyon (the John Dean Clinic OIC who is on study leave). 6. Improved overall reporting requirements. 7. The Department is in compliance with fiscal and material management protocols.

Describe the primary goal of the project

Liberia’s health care delivery is challenged by limited public access to healthcare. This is especially true for rural communities. UMC Liberia’s commitment to provide affordable (but quality), healthcare supports government’s general health care program. Preventive healthcare has limited prioritization. Other health care challenges include, high maternal/infant mortality. With increased maternal complications during pregnancy, labor and delivery. High death rate associated with incidence of Malaria, and water born diseases, and prevalence of HIV/AIDS etc.

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