UMVIM is a grassroots movement within The United Methodist Church designed to provide an official channel for volunteer service. Through UMVIM, Christians (lay and clergy) can offer their skills and talents for service in their home country and around the world on short-term assignments at their own expense.

The UMVIM network offers guidance, organization, and training for more than 125,000 volunteers each year who give of their time and talent to minister with the poor, build churches and other mission facilities, assist in disaster recovery efforts, participate in community health programs and take part in leadership training events each year.

The UMVIM movement is organized by jurisdiction. Click on the New UMVIM to learn more about how you can volunteer with UMVIM. Connect with Jurisdictional offices for more information on guidance, organization and training for the more than 125,000 UMVIM volunteers!

Order the UMVIM Handbook for Volunteers today! 

The UMVIM Handbook is for team leaders, members and others involved in short-term mission journeys. Order your copy from The Upper Room or Amazon. Available in English, Spanish, Korean and French.

Celebrate UMVIM Sunday with us!

UMVIM Awareness Sunday calls the church to celebrate those who have served in short-term missions and the work of UMVIM throughout the world. If an annual conference so directs, an offering may be received and used by the annual conference Volunteers in Mission program.

Your annual conference determines the celebration date. However, UMVIM Sunday can be celebrated in coordination with Laity Sunday in October.