Yekeye, Norman

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
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Serving At: North Katanga Episcopal Area
Home Country: Zimbabwe

Norman Yekeye is a missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries.He is an agriculturalist and rural economic development specialist in North Katanga Episcopal Area.

A lay member of Innercity United Methodist Church in Marondera, Zimbabwe, Norman earned a Bachelor of Science degree in natural resources management at Africa University, a postgraduate diploma in education, and a diploma and certificate in horticulture at Mutare Poly Technical College. He is the father of two young children.

Most recently, Norman served as a horticultural lecturer and Kushinga Phikelela Poly Technical College, Marondera, Zimbabwe. For nine years, he was employed under the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education as an agriculture teacher, where he also oversaw school projects. Other work experience includes the Water and Waste-Management Department, Mutare City Council; intern, Mukuwisi (wildlife society); enumerator, New Dimensions Consultancy; and student sub-warden, Africa University.

“My faith journey,” he said, “was greatly influenced by the teachings and guidance of my grandmother, a deeply religious woman who laid the foundation for my spiritual understanding. Those early experiences shaped my relationship with God. As I grew, so did my faith, leading to active involvement in church responsibilities, particularly in running local agricultural projects starting in 2016.”

Norman’s years at Africa University shaped him as well.

“Attending a United Methodist university,” he recalled, “further deepened my understanding of faith, offering both academic and spiritual growth. Regular prayer meetings at AU provided a supportive community during challenging times in the country. My faith not only sustained me, but also birthed in me a profound desire to help others meaningfully. I am still on this journey today.”

His call to missionary service, Norman noted, was “a result of a continuous evolution of my faith, ignited by experiences, conversations, and the unwavering support of mentors and loved ones. It is a journey I embark on with humility, knowing that the path ahead will be challenging, yet rewarding, and that my faith will be both my compass and my driving force.”