Quiwa, Finda

Country: Sierra Leone
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Serving At: Global Justice Volunteer, Africa Pilot Program
Home Country: Sierra Leone, Africa

Serving in her home country of Sierra Leone, Finda Quiwa is a Regional Missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church. Based in Freetown she is coordinator for the Global Justice Volunteer, Africa Pilot Program through GBGM. Finda also works through the United Methodist Church with youth and young adult programs in Africa.

The struggle of her early years helped Finda form her spiritual life and grow in her faith. She also looked into other people’s lives and “charged myself to take up the challenge in helping other people who were in the same struggle.”

Finda attended Fourah Bay College at the University of Sierra Leone and earned her Bachelor of Social Sciences in Accounting. She received certification in management and administration from the Graduate School of Management in London through the Ghana campus. Finda completed studies in design, management and evaluation of community-based HIV/AIDS programs through Global Health Action. She has attended numerous seminars in Europe, Africa and the United States addressing issues surrounding justice.

Spending two months in Hong Kong working with migrant workers from the Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal and Sri Lanka, Finda saw how vulnerable they were to injustices of sexism, racism and other inhuman treatment. Working with women enabled her to see how women are suffering in that part of the world, “all in the name of survival. I returned home with the conviction and commitment to do my best in making sure women and children get a better place in Africa.”

Finda is married and has one son and two adopted children.