Kim, D.

Country: Southeast Asia
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Serving At: Southeast Asia Methodist Mission
Home Country: United States

The Rev. D. Kim is a missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries. He is the Southeast Asia country director for the Southeast Asia Methodist Mission.

A United Methodist elder in the California-Nevada Annual Conference, Kim earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in theology from Seoul Theological University, Buchon, South Korea, and a Master of Divinity, San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, California. He most recently served as senior pastor of the First United Methodist Church, Yuba City, California. Previous appointments included Sacramento Cho-un Korean UMC, Orangeville; Newcastle UMC; and Ohnnury Korean UMC, San Francisco. He also participated in short-term mission assignments in Istanbul, Turkey, and Cairo, Egypt.

He is married to S. Lee, and the couple has two grown children.

“In my faith journey,” Kim said, “I have navigated a path of profound personal growth and spiritual discovery. From embracing the transformative power of God’s word to experiencing the grace of Christ in my life, every step has deepened my commitment to serving others.”

As a pastor, he finds immense joy in “shepherding a diverse congregation, fostering spiritual connections and guiding individuals through their unique walks of faith. This journey has ignited a passion for mission work,” he said, “and I harbor a fervent hope to embark on a missionary endeavor. I yearn to share the transformative message of Christ with communities beyond, spreading love, compassion and the enduring hope found in the gospel.”

Kim is especially drawn to regions where the light of God’s love may shine dimly.

“I aspire to bring solace to those grappling with spiritual emptiness, poverty and adversity,” he said. “Motivated by a profound sense of duty and love for humanity, I envision building bridges of faith and understanding, fostering communities grounded in the teachings of Christ.”

He is excited about embracing a dual calling. “Pastoral ministry and a missionary’s heart,” David noted, “constitutes the essence of my journey, a narrative woven with the threads of faith, service and an unwavering belief in the transformative power of God’s love.

“My call to mission is an unwavering conviction planted deep within my heart, a divine summons to embark on a journey of selfless service and spreading the transformative message of God’s love. It is a call that transcends personal ambitions, drawing me into the sacred duty of reaching out to those in spiritual and social darkness, encompassing poverty and despair. The call echoes the Great Commission, compelling me to go beyond the familiar and share the redemptive power of Christ in places where hope may seem distant.”

Kim views his calling as a sacred privilege – “a recognition that God’s love knows no bounds and that I am an instrument in his hands. It is a response to the urgency of reaching souls longing for spiritual awakening and providing solace to the afflicted,” he added. “My call to mission is a deep sense of responsibility to share the love that has transformed my life. It is a journey of faith, obedience and a profound belief that through mission, lives can be touched, communities transformed, and the kingdom of God advanced.”