Drodrolagi, Isaac Viavianibuca

Country: Barbados
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Serving At: Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas, South Caribbean District
Home Country: Fiji

Isaac Viavianibuca Drodrolagi is international Global Mission Fellow with the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries, engaged in a two-year term of service.

The Global Mission Fellows program takes young adults ages 20-30 out of their home environments and places them in new contexts for mission experience and service. The program has a strong emphasis on faith and justice. Global Mission Fellows become active parts of their new local communities. They connect the church in mission across cultural and geographical boundaries. They grow in personal and social holiness and become strong young leaders working to build just communities in a peaceful world.

He studied at Christian Outreach College, Suva, Fiji, and University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China. He volunteered with the China Outreach Program for the Homeless, was president of the University of Nottingham Student Union and participated in the University of Nottingham Rotaract Program. Isaac is fluent in English, Fijian and Central Arabic and semi-fluent in French and Chinese Mandarin.

He is a member of Raiwai Gospel Brethren Church, where he is a youth leader. He would like to train to become a deacon.

“My personal spiritual growth,” Isaac said, “has been a transformative journey, filled with ups and downs. Initially, my belief in God was rooted in my parents’ faith, but by the time I reached 14, I found myself questioning and seeking a deeper connection with the divine. I made a conscious decision to commit my life to the Lord.”

But when he began working after college, he realized he had drifted away from God.

“My lifestyle, habits, language and character reflected a worldly life, devoid of the spiritual depth I longed for,” Isaac admitted.

“However, last year marked a pivotal moment as I experienced an intense craving for a personal relationship with God. This longing compelled me to become more involved in church activities, even if I had previously found them tiresome.

“Attending church on Sundays became a goal, and I intentionally made adjustments in my life, including changing my group of friends, to align myself with my newfound spiritual path.”

During this time, he heard about Global Mission Fellows. “I felt an overwhelming desire to be used by God for the extension of His kingdom,” Isaac said. “The opportunity to serve in a different country was especially enticing, as it would allow me to step away from the worldly distractions of past friends and past temptations and focus a lot more on my life with God.”

Isaac expressed confidence that the GMF experience would provide the space and environment necessary for him to come back refreshed, renewed and stronger in his faith.

He also hopes his love for rugby and volleyball will offer opportunities to use sports as a practical way to communicate biblical lessons and as a platform to build relationships and connect with local residents wherever he serves.