Acevedo, Rosangelica

Country: Puerto Rico
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Serving At: Bishop Fred P Corson Methodist Camp
Home Country: Puerto Rico

Rosangelica Acevedo is a missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries working in ministries with the vulnerable populations. She is a promoter and leadership-development facilitator at the Bishop Fred P. Corson Methodist Camp in Jayuya, Puerto Rico.

“I belong to a family of church leaders, lay and clergy, who taught me to love God above all things and set the example of serving my neighbor as myself,” Rosangelica said. “The commitment to God’s business is the most important thing in daily life.”

As a child and youth, she wanted to serve and help others. She felt blessed and useful as she found opportunities and experiences for service through nonprofit and civic organizations such as the Girls Scouts of the USA and the Red Cross.

“They gave me the opportunity to use my talents,” Rosangelica explained. “Later, I had the opportunity to participate in ministries that enabled me to develop leadership skills.” She served in her local church, the Methodist Conference in Puerto Rico through the Youth Council of Ministries and the Council of Evangelical Methodist Churches in Latin America (CIEMAL).

“These wonderful experiences,” she continued,” moved me to apply to serve as US-2 missionary (1979-81). From then on, I knew that my calling was genuine, and I wanted to continue serving God and the church.”

In New Jersey, she learned about diaconal ministry – justice, love and service. Rosangelica began seminary studies. “Every job, every involvement of mine,” she said, “was in service to the less fortunate. For the glory of God, I have remained under God’s wings, making a difference. Now I want to put my boots back on and continue as long as God and the church allow me.”

Describing her faith journey, Rosangelica said, “I believe that maintaining an intimate relationship with God is not affected by where we are. God is the same, and God’s promises continue to nurture us wherever we are. With that certainty and confidence, I am sure that God helps to keep us connected and to grow in faith. This faith connection is not only with God, but also with [our] neighbor.”

No matter where she is, Rosangelica finds time to pray, read the Bible and share her faith. If she is away from her local church, she becomes involved in a faith community nearby.

“If I have the availability of internet,” she noted, “I participate in Bible studies and prayer with my support network. I enjoy Bible study, prayer, reading devotionals and gathering to worship the almighty God.

“With my actions and words, I can be an instrument of God in the now and in whatever place is necessary. Sharing with others also entails learning different means of practicing spiritual disciplines that can be beneficial to me and others. I also cultivate or practice times of silence, alone and/or serving, sharing God’s love for humanity. I do my best to maintain my spiritual health.”

Asked why mission is necessary, Rosangelica replied that as long as injustice, external and internal wars, people in need, and abuses of power in families, communities and governments exist, we must be God’s eyes and hands.

“Jesus invite us to be peacemakers and promoters of justice,” she said. “Our world is filled with hate, injustice and other evils.” God calls us to live God’s love by caring for one another, she asserted.