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Providing assistance for hungry people.

Describe the need affecting community

Hunger is the number one risk to global health, killing more people each year than AIDS, malaria and TB combined. We have a cure for hunger – food – and there is enough produced in this world to feed everyone. In many places in this world, food exists in the marketplace or could be grown in the environment but vulnerable populations lack access or resources to buy or grow the food or secure the water needed to flourish. The key to solving hunger is to address the root causes of hunger with transformational development projects that give not a hand-out, but a hand-up to our brothers and sisters in need.

How will this Advance project help to address the need?

CROP Hunger Walk is the community-based fundraising and awareness building appeal of Church World Service, a coalition of 37 Christian denominations (including the United Methodist Church) and a major force in the fight to end hugner here at home and around the world. Each year, roughly 2000 communities participate in local CROP Hunger Walks. The walks are a vehicle for people of faith (of all ages and abilities) to provide food and water, as well as resources that empower people to meet their own needs. From seeds and tools, to wells and water systems, to technical training and small business loans, the key is people working together to identify their own development priorities, their strengths and their needs, something CWS has learned through some 70 years of working in partnership around the world. While the primary purpose is to end hunger, a secondary purpose is to bring local communities together in ecumenical partnership to be prophetic witnesses to the issue of hunger in our country and abroad, and to plant the seeds of service for youth and young adults. Each year, roughly 110,000 walkers walk the walk and end hunger, one step at a time.

Describe the primary goal of the project

a.) Engage United Methodist congregations in providing leadership for the community-wide interfaith CROP Hunger Walk. b.) Involve United Methodists in providing financial support for this local/global mission opportunity.

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