Robeson County Church and Community Center, Inc.

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Project Information

Providing emergency assistance of utilities, housing, clothing, food, furniture and tutoring

Annual Goal: $33,486.00

Year to Date Gifts: $5,168.25

Describe the need affecting community

The early 1960’s and 1970’s was reflective of civil unrest, social injustice and high unemployment. RCC&CC began as a social ministry in 1968. By design, the Center has labored among those who are marginalized or considered invisible by mainstream society. Since that time, the agency has grown to start many programs in the county such as a transportation service, a rape crisis center, a battered women’s program, a voter registration program, a community action center and a reading and literacy program. Today, social issues still exist. RCCCC is one of the lead non-government ecumenically sponsored, community sponsored non-profit organization in the county who seeks to address and alleviate some of the giants of hunger, homelessness, eviction, health care needs, and housing for those living in poverty in Robeson County regardless of race. According to research, Robeson County is the third poorest of all counties in the United States for its size. Additionally, the percentage of residents living in poverty is 32.9 percent and our illiteracy rate is over 30% for all adults and unemployment stands at 11.6 percent. Moreover, 56% of children live in single-parent homes and welfare is the number one industry.

How will this Advance project help to address the need?

We offer multiple programs and services. First is a ‘Free Choice’ Food Pantry which has several components and timelines for those who are hungry, homeless or in crisis. The Center offers Emergency Assistance to help many who are suffering a crisis with their utility bill with a payment to avoid disconnection or help with rent to prevent eviction. Additional assistance includes help with medicine, lodging and travel. Other assistance includes a ‘Brighter Christmas’ program to help families and children with gifts. We now have a ‘Baby’s Closet’ to provide milk, special formula, pampers, and clothing. We have a medical equipment closet and supplies to help those who need walkers, bed pads, wheelchairs, etc. and toiletry/health kits for the homeless and others in need and. Also, we give out school kits and provide vouchers to those who are burned out, getting out of prison, homeless, victims of domestic violence or getting out of the hospital and building ramps for senior citizens.

Describe the primary goal of the project

The overall primary goal and long term impact of this project is to be social change agents and advance the common good for Robeson County through all of our programs and services. Goals are: 1. Housing -To increase the number of completed requests for ramps and small floor home repairs by 10% on an annual basis for December 2016, December 2017 and December 2018. 2. Increase the number of wheelchair ramps for those under the age of 60 by 10% by December 31 on an annual basis. 3. ‘Free Choice’ Food Pantry – To increase the number of food boxes given to families, individuals, and homeless annually by 15% who have no food; also increase the amount of food products provided to senior citizens and the homeless by 15% annually who are experiencing food deprivation; and increase overall number of those served by at least 15% on annual basis. 4. Emergency Assistance – To increase the number of clients served in need of emergency assistance with utilities, rent, medicine, transportation for medical appointments, medical equipment and housing in both the Lumberton and Red Springs offices by at least 20% on annual basis. 5. Research and secure more funding by 20% for operations and services. 6. To increase the number of school kits and health kits for children and the homeless who are in need of basic health care and in need of educational materials by 15% on an annual basis. 7. To make the Home Store more environmental friendly, appealing, and efficient to the staff and clientele, so that it will become self-sufficient, with ability to pay its own direct operating costs. 8. To increase the number of women, children, and families reached by 20% who could qualify for our ‘Brighter Christmas’ program with toys, gifts, and food by the end of December on an annual basis. 9. To expand and increase the amount of food donations and food financial contributions for our ‘Free Choice’ Food Pantry to positively impact the number of food boxes distributed to families by December 31 on an annual basis. 10. Continue to seek and secure funding.

Describe the change you would like to see in the community as a result of this Advance project

Overall, a significant reduction in those who are experiencing food deprivation issues. An increase in the number of senior citizens receiving more services they need from the Center, receive more healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, participation in clinics and services offered by the Center. A reduction in the number of potential clients referred to other agencies and organizations.

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