Buhonga Church Building Construction

Country: Burundi
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Project Information

Providing a new church facility fulfill the mission of the church for worship and spiritual growth.

Describe the need affecting community

The church in its mission to propagate the gospel conducted several crusades and door to door evangelism throughout the years and won souls to Jesus thus making the membership at Buhonga church to grow from 70 in 1965 to over 2,000 to date. The church is now small and cannot accommodate all the members. The Buhonga local church membership and community initiatives are now greatly constrained, the church having outgrown our current gathering facility. Some members of the church are forced to worship while standing outside the church building. During the rainy season the situation is worse as it disrupts the divine service and impedes hearing as those standing outside will run and squeeze inside to avoid the rain.Also children who always worship outside the church are the most affected during both the rainy and dry seasons as they are forced to shift from one place to another to avoid the scorching sun and the rain. In addition, people who are saved from the crusades and evangelism are moving away to other churches seeking for the church where they can have sits, hence church stagnation in terms of numerical growth. Lack of a church building restrains the church ministers from serving many born again souls effectively and efficiently, a survey reveals that many people failed to come to church because of lack of building. The church does not have children’s rooms even though. To support the goal of achieving a regular attendance of 2,500 youth, kids and adults each week and further growth beyond this, it is clear that redevelopment of this site will be necessary to accommodate the congregations and associated ministries. Due to this problem the church members have embarked on a new church construction project with a seating capacity of 2,500 with conference rooms and administrative office.

How will this Advance project help to address the need?

The primary goal of the project is to improve the capacity of Buhonga local church to conduct its spiritual and evangelism activities through the provision of permanent church building, conference rooms and, administrative office. The long term impact the project hopes to achieve is holistic transformation of communities. Communities are expected to receive spiritual and physical change, hence social transformation of people’s lives. There will be improvement of the community members wellbeing.

Describe the primary goal of the project

To evaluate the project success, I will look at the following points: 1.Relevance/appropriateness – the extent to which the objectives were consistent with beneficiaries’ needs and priorities. To what extent are the objectives of the project still valid? What are relevant local context factors, which may affect the project’s outcomes? To what extent were these context factors considered in the planning and implementation of the project? To what extent did the relevant context factors change since the beginning of the project? 2. Efficiency – how economically resources/inputs were converted into results. Did project activities overlap and duplicate other similar interventions (funded nationally and/or by other donors? 3. Effectiveness: the extent to which the targeted project objectives were achieved (or are expected to be achieved) and any lessons related to this for future interventions. 4. Coverage/scope: extent to which the project’s work includes (or excludes) population groups from an intervention and the differential impact on these groups. 5. Impact: assessing the positive and negative changes on stakeholders produced by the project interventions, directly or indirectly, intended or unintended. 6. Sustainability & connectedness- The extent to which the benefits of the project’s work are likely to continue once the project is completed – the long-term effects produced by the project (directly, indirectly, intended and unintended).

Contact Information

Reverend Ladislas
Secretary of the Annual Conference

Patrick Abro
Global Ministries Missionary