United Methodist Children’s Fund for Christian Mission

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Project Information

Educating children about mission and allowing them to contribute to children’s projects.

Describe the need affecting community

Demonstrate a need for financial support.

How will this Advance project help to address the need?

The United Methodist Children’s Fund for Christian Mission helps children learn about and make contributions to a select group of mission projects that are chosen for their value in helping children understand what it means to “be in mission.” Projects change each year which provides children with a variety of learning experiences and a diverse understanding of children in other states and countries. This is a joint program of the General Board of Discipleship and the General Board of Global Ministries. The Children’s Fund seeks to (1) educate children about mission and (2) provide a way for children to give to mission beyond their local church.

Describe the primary goal of the project

(a) To develop materials on an annual basis for teaching children about children’s projects around the world (b) To engage local churches in utilizing the materials as a way of educating children about other places in the world as well as important mission issues related to children (c) To nurture in children stewardship and mission giving (d) To raise financial support for various children’s projects on an annual basis.

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