New Horizon Methodist School

Country: Paraguay
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Project Information

Providing education in an impoverished area in Paraguay through education, recreation, music and art.

Describe the need affecting community

Our neighborhood, once a rural area, has experienced tremendous growth in the past fifteen years. Many have left the rural areas of Paraguay, and have flooded to the capital Asuncion, looking for work and homes. Lack of land and jobs have brought many to our area. Due to the poor public educational system which is overcrowded; many families want their children to have a quality education. When we started this school, the areas was mostly low income families; now we are seeing a mix in the community. Drugs and alcohol addictions; crime; lack of family supervision creates many temptations for children and youth. Between the church and the school, we are trying to teach the students wholesome Christian values to assist them in making quality decisions and to help them be change agents for Paraguay. The average education in Paraguay is the sixth grade. Many of our students’ families cannot assist their children in their studies. In the community around the school people are becoming aware that the school has people that are willing to help in the spiritual area of their lives. Many families come to ask for prayer or counseling. Most families and staff don’t understand the Methodist doctrine, nor do they understand the Biblical foundations of Christ. The current school building has a very small administrative area for the parents to enter to pay their monthly fees, etc. Anyone from the community has access to this area. It is very small and compact. The public has access into the school, which could potentially be dangerous. When groups come to visit from the US or other locations, there is no place close for them to stay.

How will this Advance project help to address the need?

– We will need scholarships for students that are in need to continue their studies. -Our project will help pay for new school chaplains to help in the spiritual area of need. -The project can help by assisting to construct a new administration building with a second floor as a hospitality house.

Describe the primary goal of the project

Primary goal: To help further the kingdom of God through the “social gospel” of education. Long term impact: Crime will be reduced, the community will be a safer place to live, the economic status of the community will increase.

Describe the change you would like to see in the community as a result of this Advance project

Crime will be reduced, the community will be a safer place to live, the economic status of the community will increase. Families get better jobs. Students successfully complete high school, and beyond. My number one priority is to see a contagious community for Christ.

Contact Information

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Director Alcides Díaz

Eliane Lacentre