Cambodia Women’s Livelihood projects

Country: Cambodia
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Project Information

Providing gifts of livestock and tools for women to create self-sustaining livelihoods

Describe the need affecting community

-Livelihood project is effecting to the community as: -Women in community are hopeless and young generation cannot go to school because they need to help their parents to find food to eat. -Most of the women in Cambodia live in violence and abuse. -The farmers cannot plants anything all the time because no water and the dry season. -They leave from home to go somewhere to find a job. -More immigration in the villages and they keep their children with the grandparents and some children drop out of school too. -Some of young generation cannot finished the elementary school because they need to work in factory to make the income and support their family. -Most in the community need more skills and need to understand more about the climate and economic developing.

How will this Advance project help to address the need?

-Go to see the place where women live and see the real situation of their struggles. -Asked them more information and what they want to change their life if they have a chance we can help them. -Provide them the ways that we can help them and they can help themselves and they can help their families. -Give them some business ideas so they can look more than they see everyday and they can help their children. -Do more follow up that can help them to do in a right way. -Through this Advance help women and their family to stop the immigration or take risk to find the job at oversea or from their home. -Through this Advance can help women to stay at home to earn money from their raising fish, chicken, pigs and plants more vegetables and they take care of their children and send their children to school. -Most of the women who get the support from livelihood project can help churches more active and they support their church a lots. -Through of this advance support the women and the family send children to school and they so proud of this help because they got a lots of transform their living. -Through this support women can rise their voice and to show the society women can do a lots of things more than men -Through this support women to stop a violence against women not all but to helpful because women can earn money and support the whole family. -Women can find the income and to develop the economic sustain in the family Women and community need to see their living have sustainable of income and their community have the developing their life. -In the community have peace and happiness and all children have a chance to go to school and all family have enough food to eat. -All women need to have a chance to learn about their right and their values

Describe the primary goal of the project

-Women in churches and community will live a better life -Women can earn the income and support their family and their children can attend school. -Women to end the violence and abuses in the community. -Women can become a strong economic force in the family. -Women can support other women to become strong woman in the community -Women in the community have the skills and knowledge and they can support their women in the churches and community. -Provide more training to women at churches and community about the livelihood project and find a resource in the community to support and share their knowledge and skills to help their community. -Corporate with another organization to develop the economic in the community.

Describe the change you would like to see in the community as a result of this Advance project

-We would like to see in the community as: -Women full of smile. -No more violence happening with women and children -All children can complete their study. -No more immigration in the community. -No more hungry in the community. -Empower women in the community. -Women can support the churches activities and resources. -Women can help each other in churches and community. -Women full of skills and knowledge and they can become a strong group in the community -No more oppression with women and children. -Self-confident -Women become brave. -Women become the leaders in their community and society. -Women living in hope. -Women protect the women. -Women use their potential and talent to change their community.

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