Construction of New School Buildings

Country: Liberia
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Project Information

Constructing primary schools in rural communities to improve the lives of children.

Describe the need affecting community

Despite the Ministry of Education’s warning against the hosting of classes in church buildings, some United Methodist Schools are still holding classes in local church buildings and makeshift structures. This is affecting the comprehension of the students. Such learning environment is not healthy and conducive for the students in that there are lots of distractions. For example, any disturbance from a particular class usually affects the rest of the classes. Children who attend those schools are from the community in which the schools are located. What affects the community children affects the entire community. The poor learning environment is affecting the community as long as their future leaders (their children) are affected.

How will this Advance project help to address the need?

The project intends to construct six school buildings to relocate classes that are held in church buildings and in make shift structures. To do this, the project is seeking funding from donors through The Advance to address the needs. Community members will be challenged to contribute fifty percent of the total cost.

Describe the primary goal of the project

Primarily, this project seeks to construct six school buildings in an effort to relocate classes that are held in church buildings and in make shift structures and to provide healthy and conducive learning environments for one thousand eight hundred (three hundred students per school) students within four years (2017 – 2020). At present, some of the United Methodist Schools are holding classes in local church buildings and in make shift shelters that are not conducive for learning. The Ministry of Education is threatening to shut down those schools because they do not meet the standard for school buildings in Liberia. This is embarrassing to both the community and the United Methodist Education Department. If new schools are constructed to replace local church buildings and those make shift structures, it will have a long term impact on the community, the students and the ministry of the United Methodist Church of Liberia. The community will have confidence in the United Methodist Church. The students will be proud of their learning facilities and develop a positive attitude toward education. The United Methodist Church will make disciples for the transformation of the community.

Describe the change you would like to see in the community as a result of this Advance project

I would like to see a new modern school building owned by the community and managed by the United Methodist School System. I would like to see a change in the student’s attitude towards education. I would like to seek improvements in the student’s academic performance.

Contact Information

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