Laos Mission Initiative

Country: Laos
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Project Information

Supporting church and community development, pastors, leadership development, education, and lay formation

Annual Goal: $113,000.00

Year to Date Gifts: $30,290.15

Describe the need affecting community

Laos is one of the poorest counties in the world. The pastors and local communities need support in the face of restrictions on religious practice, poverty, ethnic diversity and low levels of education. Despite the adversity, Lao Samphan Methodist Church is a growing Methodist Community with needs for pastor support, leadership development and economic development.

How will this Advance project help to address the need?

The Lao Mission Initiative Advance supports the work of the Church and Community Development in Laos through the Lao Samphan Methodist Church (LSMC).

Describe the primary goal of the project

The Laos Mission Initiative Advance will Support The Lao Samphan Methodist Church (LSMC) to accomplish the following: 1) To provide a monthly supplement to 65 Pastors for a Year. 2) To hold quarterly national leadership meetings. 3) To provide annually two national spiritual advancement and leadership training for pastors, lay leaders, men, women, or youth. 4) To foster partnerships with government officials, and ministries to meet the needs of local people. 5) To provide school registration fees and school supplies for at least 500 children each year. 6) To provide resources for at least 5 community water projects per year. 7) To identify 4 unique community/economic development projects per year. 8) To develop at least five new congregations each year. 9) To provide course of Bible study to 40 lay preachers per year. 10) To recruit and provide initial training to 15 new lay preachers each year. 12) To purchase 700 Bibles and hymnals. 13) To pay tuition fees for eight students to go to the Bible Seminary / College students.

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