Tansen United Mission Hospital

Country: Nepal
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Project Information

Offering free medical care and assistance to patients and providing needed hospital equipment

Describe the need affecting community

Tansen Hospital is serving the needs of hundreds of thousands of Nepali citizens. There are a few other hospitals in the area, but none of them offer high quality care and the option of free care if the patient is needy. Usually, people are sent to our hospital by other places when they are unable to pay. Even though Nepal has been trying to work to become more developed and able to care for its people. Due to the devastating earthquakes and the months long border blockade with India, the needs are greater now than they have been in past years. Prices for needed commodities such as fuel and food have skyrocketed. If they are even available. People have delayed coming to the hospital due to lack of funds or transport, and arrive sicker and more in need than they would have been previously. The hospital is filling a huge need of good medical care for anyone no matter the race, case gender or economic status of the person.

How will this Advance project help to address the need?

The money that is given to support this project will help us to be able to continue to serve the poor patients who come to us daily. We are a “fee for service” hospital, and we try to keep our prices at the market level so people who can pay are able to. But, there are many for whom a trip or admission to the hospital literally means that the rest of the family wouldn’t be able to eat. We are able to offer to assist these patients and families so that they, too, can get the healing care they need. The money we receive also is used to replace equipment or purchase new items that are needed in order to do the necessary tests or help support people who are receiving medical care.

Describe the primary goal of the project

By ministering to the physical needs of the people who come to the hospital in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ, we aim to witness to the love of God for the people of Nepal. We also want to treat them in a holistic manner bringing emotional and spiritual healing into people’s lives. Because we treat everyone who comes no matter what case, race, gender, religion, or financial status they may be we are helping to raise awareness of the value of each human life. We pray that our long term impact may be that people’s lives are improved in a physical sense, and also that people may see that all are important to God and worth caring for!

Describe the change you would like to see in the community as a result of this Advance project

Changes we would like to see include people not living in fear of a serious illness leading to financial ruin or premature loss of a family member. People will have hope, knowing that God loves them, and that people care for them. Local health care providers will be able to confidently treat patients even after we are gone, because of the training, and experience they had in our hospital.

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Dr. Rachel Karrach
Hospital Director

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