Alaska Missionaries

The Alaska Conference welcomes work teams for construction or evangelistic outreach and pastors who are willing to come and serve in what can be a remote and challenging climate.

Red Bird Missionary Conference

Red Bird is a United Methodist missionary conference that serves the Appalachian community surrounding Frakes, Kentucky. Volunteer opportunities are available through the Henderson Settlement in Frakes and at the Red Bird Clinic in nearby Beverly.

Contact the Red Bird Missionary Conference for more information. 

Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference 

We appreciate your interest in the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference work project program. Volunteer in Mission work teams has made a valuable contribution to the Native American churches and people of the OIMC. The work, enthusiasm, and love shared during the experience have had a tremendous effect on the lives of the participants and the lives of those being served. 


Learn more about how NOMADS (Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service) provide volunteer labor for United Methodist organizations.