Featured Works

All works in the exhibition are listed by theme: Community & Autonomy, Communication & Expression, Heritage & Legacies, Identity & Diversity, Nature & Nurture
Jeff Edwards, Know Your Enemy, 2022
Steven Scissortail Morales, Southeastern Wayz (Necklace and earrings; earrings not pictured), 2020
J. Ross Davis, Cherokee Nation Council House at New Echota, 2017
Ronald Mitchell, Cherokee Constitution, 2018
Sandy Fife Wilson, Variation of Opothle Yahola Sash, 2022
Madison Hye Long, Seven Clans of the Cherokee, 2020
Kristy Maney Herron, Little Sisters of Resolution, 2017
Sandy Fife Wilson, Chunky Player (Shell Gorget), 2021
Jeff Edwards, Warhol Sequoyah, 2016
Luzene Hill, Starting Harvest Bonfires, 2007
Luzene Hill, “Spearfinger” Limited Edition Special Collections Artist’s Book, 2015
Dustin Illetewah Mater, Iskin Halopa (Keen Eye), 2023
Roy Boney, Southeastern Sneaker Boi, 2017
Jeff Edwards, Tatooed Tsisdi, 2020
Luzene Hill, Spearfinger’s Deception, 2007
Dustin Illetewah Mater, Cosmic Warrior VII, 2022
Ronald Mitchell, Out of the Ashes, 1990
Johnnie Lee Diacon, WWI Choctaw Code Talkers, 2000
William D. Glass, Ancient Imageries, 2018
Luzene Hill, “Spearfinger” Illustrated Cherokee Language Book, 2008
Dustin Illetewah Mater, Dreaming Perched upon the Mounds, 2013
Melinda Schwakhofer, Memory of a Forgotten Landscape, 2022
Johnnie Lee Diacon, Cuko Polokse (Round House), 2022
Phyllis Fife, Mvskoke Fusion, 2022
Madison Hye Long, Uplifted, 2019
Tama D. Roberts, Pathways of Life, 2019
Vivian Garner Cottrell, Double Woven River Cane Basket, 2019
Jimmie Carole Fife, I See the Future, 2010
Kristy Maney Herron, Sneak Peak at Red Clay, 2018
Carolyn Pallet, Revival Takes Root, 2016
Levi West, The Road to Soco, 2023
Britteny Cuevas, Earth Lodge at Ocmulgee Mounds, 2023
Jimmie Carole Fife, Muscogee Moccasins, 2022
Jody Bradley Lipscomb, Under Construction, 2023
Carolyn Pallet, Genus Cherokeea, 2016
Kristy Maney Herron, AniKituwa Warrior, 2019
Jody Bradley Lipscomb, The Crying Trees, 2023
Steven Scissortail Morales, Crescent Gorget Necklace, 2020
Tony A. Tiger, Influences of Ancestors, 2019
J. Ross Davis, Indian Removal Act of 1830, 2021
Robin Fife Jenkins, Wotkvlke, Raccoon Clan Bandolier Bag, 2022
Madison Hye Long, Michelle’s Mask, 2021
Melinda Schwakhofer, Enke::Hand, 2022
Tonia Hogner- Weavel, Contemporary Hunting Style Jacket, 2019
Johnnie Lee Diacon, Mvskoke Church Women, 2019
Jody Bradley Lipscomb, It’s Who We Are, 2023
Dustin Illetewah Mater, Unextinguished Fire, 2016
Maya Stewart, Tokyo Wristlet, 2016
Johnnie Lee Diacon, Paddle, 2018
Dustin Illetewah Mater, Sunset at Tuscumbia Landing, 2022
Tama D. Roberts, Winds of Change, 2019
Tony A. Tiger, Metamorphosis, 2019
Vivian Garner Cottrell, United First Nations River Cane Basket, 2019
Tonia Hogner- Weavel, Southeastern Style Women’s Business Suit, 2018
Shelley Patrick, Standing Peach Tree, 2023
Melinda Schwakhofer, Six Towns Held by River Spirit, 2018
Sandy Fife Wilson, Sacred Fire, 2015
Britteny Cuevas, Fepe Avtehkv (Gourd Bowl), 2022
Madison Hye Long, Tela Wildoni’s Sunrise, 2020
Shelley Patrick, Mvskoke Medicine, 2023
Melinda Schwakhofer, Ecatecvlke Enfvyvtete Pome Enliketv (Red Stick Leads Us Home), 2018