Kies, Jane

Kies, Jane

Kies, Jane

Country: Zimbabwe
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Serving At: Africa University in Mutare, Zimbabwe
Home Country: South Africa, Africa

Jane Kies is a United Methodist missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries teaching Intensive English to students from non-English-speaking countries at Africa University in Mutare, Zimbabwe, southern Africa.

Africa University is a United Methodist Church-related institution that is being nurtured and funded by church members from all over the world. It is a consequence of the growth of United Methodism on the African continent and has its foundations in the history and legacy of the church. Africa University opened in March 1992 as the first private, international university in Zimbabwe.

Reflecting on her assignment at Africa University, Jane says, “Working with young people who come to Africa University with a passion to learn English is a rewarding experience. Fluency in English equips them to study for a degree that will enable them to carry out their particular ministries and use their gifts. I am thankful for the opportunity my students give me to learn about the diversity of cultures and peoples on the African continent. I also value the opportunities there are to study and discuss the Bible together, and help the students apply its teachings to their lives and experiences at Africa University.”

Jane was born in Ndola, Zambia and grew up in southern Africa and England. After graduating, she spent two years in Uganda as a volunteer with Church Missionary Society, teaching in a rural secondary school. She then returned to England to earn certification in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language (TESOL). After finishing, she taught English at Maun Secondary School in Botswana, where she also worked with the Art Club and the Scripture Union student group.

In 1994, Jane went with her family to live and work at Nyadire Mission in Zimbabwe, teaching English at the mission high school, and working with women to establish a Sunday school for children at the Nyadire United Methodist Church. In 2002, the Kieses transferred to Africa University in Mutare.

She is married to Larry Kies, who is also a United Methodist missionary assigned to Africa University. They have four children: Ben, Andrew Pule, Carly, and Michael.