Impact Story

Missionary Joy Eva Bohol advocates for increased voice and vote in church and society for youth and young adults around the world, and particularly for Indigenous youth who walk a fine line between cultural traditions and professional aspirations.

Clanton Chapel in Dulac, Louisiana, leveraged a Global Ministries’ grant made possible by offerings received on Native American Ministries Sunday. Sunday April 23, 2023, is an opportunity for the wider United Methodist Church to accompany Native American communities in the United States as they strengthen their faith and reach out to their local neighborhoods in mission ministry.

On this Good Friday, traditionally a day of mourning and deep reflection, missionaries Francine Ilunga Mpanga Mufuk and the Rev. Dr. Jean Claude Masuka Maleka offer the good news of growth and church development in response to Christ’s great love and sacrifice.

Dr. Leonardo Garcia, a missionary doctor serving in Angola, shares a reflection this Maundy Thursday on humility, gratefulness and the sheer wonder in God’s healing power. Despite his medical knowledge, Leo encounters many medical mysteries and acknowledges the miracles he sees in his daily work.

Patrick Booth, a global missionary in Cambodia, gives an update on the ARK (Advancing Resilient Khmer) project in Phnom Penh.