Christian Education and Evangelism in Haiti

Country: Haiti
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Project Information

Striving toward a church strong in faith and faithful to its call to stewardship.

Describe the need affecting community

Christian Education and Evangelism is a project of the Methodist Church of Haiti. The church has 11 circuits equivalent to United Methodist Districts. With over 160 congregations and only 15 Clergy, the work of the church is very laity driven. There is a dire need for training the laity, who has a large part executing the work of a very understaffed church. This is accompanied by a lack of resources in French and Creole for training and self-study for spiritual growth, church growth and capacity building.

How will this Advance project help to address the need?

Project staff supported by clergy and lay stakeholders will work to produce contextually relevant materials in the local language. Resources will also be sourced and purchased in order to develop the existing library and foster self-study and continuing education. Training seminars and workshops will be held at the Headquarters and in context to empower lay leadership to use resources effectively for the spiritual and numerical growth of the church.

Describe the primary goal of the project

The primary goal of this project is to increase the membership’s access to printed resources and to equip Lay workers with training relevant to their duties. In the long run the project aims to: [1] have a well equipped cadre of preachers, evangelists and Sunday School teachers. To provide sound biblical teaching, for the growth of the church in faith, commitment and numbers. [2] Have a membership more educated in Methodist history, the discipline and practices of the Church, our doctrines and our role as the body of Christ. [3] Have more consistent training at the circuit and congregational levels through a highly competent cadre of trainers, to facilitate continuing education and succession planning. [4] Have developed a resource bank for the church to facilitate personal study to aid preachers, teachers and evangelists in their preparations. [5] Have competent and efficient Lay Leaders managing the affairs of the church. With the overall impact being a well nourished church more effective in its witness and duties.

Describe the change you would like to see in the community as a result of this Advance project

The project hopes to see a departure from the lecture style to more dynamic Sunday School classes, with use of age appropriate teaching aids and activities. Greater depth of biblical and theological knowledge among preachers reflected in sermons and Bible Studies. A departure from the lecture approach to Bible study to a more dynamic, interactive approach. More knowledgeable membership, equipped to speak confidently with members of other denominations. Greater access to resources for personal growth and capacity building. More efficient communication and administration, particularly at congregational and circuit levels.

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